Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide service on your rental units?
Yes we do. We have a service department trained in HVAC and all types of trailer repair.

What options are there when I order a trailer?
Options are ½ bathroom, security screens, door bars, anchors/tiedowns, skirting and stairs.

Do they come with bathrooms?
Some models do come with and without a bathroom. It is the customer’s responsibility to do the connections. They would need to be hooked up to water and sewer/septic or an alternative would be to get a bathroom system from a company that handles portable pottys.

What are the electrical requirements?
All of the trailers require the customer to hardwire them. There is a conduit on the outside of the trailer to run electrical lines in. Most of the 8’ wide units would require 60 amp service, 240v and the 10’ & 12’ wide units use 100-125 amp service, 240v. Multi wide units would require 100-150 amp, 240v per piece. If you do not have the proper amp and voltage, half of the heat, lights, etc. will not work.

Do I need any permits?
Before you order, please check with the local building inspector to file a permit and to find out if they have any special requirements.

What do I need to do if I require tiedowns/anchors?
First you need to call and get a digsafe number (1-888-DIG-SAFE) then call us with number and after you have agreed to pricing, we can schedule it. The number of anchors depend upon the size of the unit

What is customer responsible for while renting from Modulease?
You are responsible for contacting Modulease if there are any leaks, any damage to the unit or any faulty equipment. You would also be responsible for changing light bulbs. However, if after changing bulbs you are still having a problem with the lights, call us for service.

In addition, the customer is responsible for maintaining the HVAC unit on your structure by changing the filters monthly (if on a construction site). If this is not done, you could be responsible for any damage to the system by filters being clogged with dirt.