Schools & Portable Classrooms


Factory-built modular school designs ensure flexibility and the construction process provides speed and less disruption. From single portable school additions to complete schools, Modulease works with their customers to meet their needs, on time and on budget. Modulease’s modular schools can be temporary or permanent buildings that can be expanded, modified or relocated.

Our modular school buildings whether a temporary classroom or a new modular building, we work with our customers to provide a functional and safe environment that fosters learning.

Examples of typical applications in the education field include:

  • Classrooms
  • Computer centers
  • Science labs
  • Administrative offices
  • Libraries
  • Restroom buildings

Portable Classrooms

Adding a single classroom to multi-mobile classrooms makes meeting customers’ needs easy because mobile and modular classrooms are more cost-efficient and quicker to build.

The factory-built process ensures lack of job-site risks such as theft, fewer mistakes, less waste of materials & less travel time to the job-site that reduces the overall cost.

Factory-built buildings take less time to build, less time from start to finish, less time to worry about weather, and less time to bridge finances.

Our portable, prefabricated classrooms come in a variety sizes to provide our customers with quick, convenient, economical, and portable space.

Permanent, Temporary Mobile and Modular Buildings

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